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Thunderbird II has been a fixture in Springfield for over 25 years. We are located in the heart of town, on Saxer Avenue, right across from Wawa. Our building is part of Springfield’s original business district and is over 100 years old.

We take pride in our service, food quality, cleanliness, and one-of-a-kind menu items not found anywhere else.

In the early 90s, we were best known for our pizza, cheesesteaks, hoagies, and wings, and were one of just a few pizza shops in town. We’ve grown into a Delaware County institution, with a cult-like following for some of our unique creations, including our Speedy Gonzales Salad, Landers Italian  Pizza, Cheesesteak & Buffalo Chicken Rollettes, and many many more items waiting for you to discover!

If you’re having a party of any kind, or an office luncheon, you will love our Catering Menu. We keep it simple while offering a wide variety of items. This includes many of our unique signature items in party sizes and many old favorites that are done our way- using high-quality ingredients that result in the food you’ll find as the best of its kind you’ve ever had.

We deeply care about our little town of Springfield, and a percentage of every sale is donated to numerous community organizations, athletic programs, schools, churches, and more. 

We thank our existing customers for their loyalty, and welcome new customers to find out what they will love from Thunderbird II in Springfield.